I’m deeply, deeply frustrated right now. And disappointed.

My spouse, who is a lovely guy, generally very understanding and open and wonderful…doesn’t want people to know our daughter has been diagnosed with SPD.

Our story is published in Harley’s new book, which makes me really happy–but it’s under a pseudonym. And it’s a success story, about her growth and learning and gaining the skills she needs. And he doesn’t want me to tell people about it. He doesn’t want people to know our daughter has a developmental disorder. It’s not that he doesn’t accept her, or that he hasn’t been an incredible part of how she’s learned coping mechanisms and become so much more confident and adaptable…but he doesn’t want me to talk about it.

This is why I haven’t been active on the SPD Blogger Network.  This is why I haven’t posted much lately, and why very few people know my actual offline identity or my alternate blog.  This is why I haven’t been part of publicizing and networking and raising awareness.

But this is wrong. And I don’t know what to do. I’m so proud of my daughter–why should I be anything else? Why should the fact that she processes sensory input differently from most children be something we hide or pretend doesn’t exist?

Has anyone else run into this kind of resistance before? How did you handle it?